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The International Association Of Animal Massage Therapists

What Is The International Association of Animal Massage Therapists (IAAMT)?

The IAAMT is a Networking Association of Animal Massage Technicians trained and operating under guidelines specifically designed to achieve the ultimate benefits of the therapy. As such, the Association’s Members follow a strict code, which includes the following:

  1. A full-body application of massage in all animals - at all times.
  2. The prohibitive use of any mechanical device or aid in either rendering the massage sequence, or assistance in rendering that sequence.
  3. The injunction against diagnosing any medical illness or condition.
  4. The absolute exclusion of the use of any other alternative modality while offering service as an animal massage technician.
  5. That Graduates work under the guidelines of any specific regulations for that country
- World Federation of Alternative Therapies
To Whom Is Membership In The IAAMT Offered?
Because of the scrupulous fidelity to the principles of the code outlined above, and the undertaking of the procedures in accordance with the dictates indicated in #5 of that code, it is chiefly graduates of the Equissage Certificate Programs to whom membership is offered.
What Are The Benefits Of IAAMT Membership?
From the individual Member’s viewpoint, the most obvious benefit of Membership is the referral network that assists meaningfully in expanding a technician’s client base. On a current average of 4-5 weekly requests for referral, there is a growing recognition in the animal community that this Association represents and refers only the highest quality technicians to petitioners.
United States: Additionally, among the U.S. technicians themselves, there is a confidence that their Association stands ready to support and assist them in any situation where a political or veterinarian entity attempts to interfere with their practice by claiming that “massage is the practice of veterinarian medicine”…. or with other pertinent legal issues. While for the most part, the former issue has dissipated over the recent past because of judicial rulings that massage is part of the grooming process…which in turn is considered Animal Husbandry , and therefore not regulated within the United States. The Association is asked from time to time to involve themselves in explaining this fact to various authorities. The Membership of the Association is accordingly grateful for this assistance.
UK: The IAAMT and Equissage Europe fully uphold the 1966 UK Veterinary Health Care Act and all Graduates must abide by this legislation including the seeking of Veterinary permission prior to treatment and maintaining appropriate insurance and CPD
Lastly, of course, the quarterly newsletter (presenting timely news about recent developments, etc. in the therapy), the provision of access to liability insurance and the comraderie of Association Membership stands as a plus for its Members.
What Role Does The IAAMT Play In The Promulgation Of These Guidelines, Which Help To Ensure The Widest And Most Effective Use of Massage Benefiting Animals?
In referring only those technicians who adhere to the code outlined above, and in promoting the related principles of that code, the Association believes that more and more clients are availing themselves of a massage technique that best serves their animals. Further, in dismissing, for example, therapists who only administer limited massage procedures to “affected areas”, the Association is aiding in the goal of establishing a source of the very best massage professionals - which the public can turn to in confidence, each and every time.
Why Are Therapists Who Apply Massage Only To Affected Areas Considered Subordinate To Those Who Consistently Apply A Full Body Massage?
One of the accepted and essential objectives of the massage sequence is to assist in creating balance in the body. If a therapist is working on one or two specific areas of the body - he or she is actually helping to create imbalance . Such procedure is minimally counter-productive and detrimental to the objectives of the therapy.
What Is The Current Membership Of The IAAMT, And Is It Continuing To Grow?
Presently, the Membership of the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists stands at 10 000. Every state in the union is represented in this number, as are 18 foreign countries. With the ever growing popularity of the certificate programs following the curriculum necessary for Membership, it is anticipated that membership in the association will continue to grow into the foreseeable future. This bodes well for the increasing use of effective animal massage in this country and abroad, and for the prosperity of individual Member’s practices.