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Tamar Smith

Tamar Smith
A few words from some of our happy graduates
I had the most amazing week and despite feeling a little overwhelmed on the first day thoroughly enjoyed it!! Of course none of us could have got through it without Helen’s fantastic teaching which put everyone at ease and made the week so much fun too.
After passing my exam on the Friday I felt very sad to be going home! The first thing I did was to start massaging my own horse and have seen a huge improvement in her movement already which is very exciting. Within a week of the course, a friends horse at my yard came down very suddenly with spasmodic colic caused we think by the sudden change in temperature recently. After an hour of walking, the horse was still very uncomfortable and I suggested doing the colic sequence as a last resort before getting the vet out. I can honestly say that I have never been as impressed with myself as the horses abdominal muscles began to relax into my hand, its stomach began making noises and the horse sighed in relief! This was the best start to my new career that I could have ever hoped for as I am now the yard hero and the local vets quite like me too! Thank you so much Helen for getting me through it all and giving me a wonderful new career. X

Sian Burch

Sian Burch, Wales
Having been involved with horses for the past 30yrs and knowing the bare essentials of equine physiology,I was a little daunted when the pre-course Equissage manual arrived through the post! On day one of the course I wondered how I was going to successfully learn so much in just 5days.However, with Helen Woolleys great enthusiasm, depth of knowledge combined with her ability to promote a relaxed learning environment, I found the week interesting and totally enjoyable.
Personally I’ve found it so wonderful to be able to aid in the wellbeing of one’s horses and see the positive effects of Equissage massage.
A great course which hugely benefits the equine athelete or retiree alike.
Many thanks Helen, I thoroughly enjoyed our week.
Best wishes

Sarah Bray

Sarah (Newbury) Bray
I absolutely loved the EQUISSAGE Europe course.  I learnt so much and was extremely impressed with the technique of working with the whole horse, as opposed to only the obviously sore bits.
Helen Woolley has a warm, friendly, enthusiastic and uplifting personality.  She encourages you when you feel that you cant possibly grasp something and gives you a hug or a cup of coffee, at just the right moment.
The skills I have learnt on this course, will enable me to make a lot of horses very happy.  What could be more rewarding?
Sarah (Newbury) Bray xxx

Philippa Haram

Philippa Haram
Hi Helen,
I thought I would drop you a line, to let you know how we are progressing since the course back in May.
I really enjoyed the course & it  was a major achievement in my life. I also believe strongly in the power of touch & have had many success stories in my own holistic practice, I feel that is why the course was so important to me.
On a positive note, my horses & I are really enjoying the benefits of massage, it has definitely given us a deeper bond & obviously the physical benefits show too.  Like all these things you find your own way eventually & adapt styles that work for you but the principles stay the same, my manual is now my bible & I often watch the DVD to remind myself!
Thanks for a great experience & I hope to see you again one day!

Natalie Louise Gill

Natalie Gill
Thank you so much for a wonderful week i had so much fun and i learn’t so much it was amazing. It was really good fun 2! Iv been massaging all the horses at the livery and one particular horse loves it he wont leave me alone.

Mrs Maren Nash

Maren Nash, JHQ, Germany
Having just successfully completed the Equissage Europe E.S.M.T. course, I can honestly say that the only regret I have is not having had the opportunity to do something like this sooner. After just one massage on a horse we “rescued” just over two years ago, the positive effect it had on him was visible within 24 hours. I truly believe, that this course is a MUST for anyone who loves their horses and is interested in improving their quality of life. Furthermore, with an Instructor like Helen - who is clearly passionate about what she does - a subject that seems daunting on Monday morning is made to feel like second nature by Friday. Thank-you once again Helen for an absolutely amazing week!!

Lyndsay Ward

Lyndsay Ward
Hi there Helen,Thank you for everything.
The course was great and I learnt alot. I am calling myself (site) ‘Hands On Horses’, massage équin. I will start advertising at my next endurance ride and see how things go. I also so want to say thankyou for teaching me how to love my horses again, and getting back ‘ in touch’ with them.
I will put a link in to equissage on my site,
Bye for now

Lynda Swindells

I have to say, going on the Equissage Europe course was one of the best things I have ever done! I never imagined I would learn so much in just 5 days, but Helen's enthusiastic and encouraging teaching style, and her wealth of knowledge of equine ( and human!) anatomy filled me with confidence. Learning with Helen just seemed so easy, and fun, and I feel the course was extremely thorough( as well as enjoyable!) I feel more than confident to go out into the world as a certified equine Sports Massage therapist knowing that I have had the best possible training.

Lynda Swindells Dorset

Leanne Taske

Leanne Taske

Hi Helen,Just emailing to thank you for a wonderful week (and of course for passing me!!!) I’ve been looking at all my horses this morning thinking “how can I not have seen that before!!?”. Spoke to my local vet today and she’s happy about me treating in this area. Thanks again for this week, it has been really interesting and fun.

Kerry Jamieson


Just thought you'd like to know that this week, I massaged my first two horses, and one of them went out today and won a show jumping class against seventy other horses! The owner said he felt great and last week he'd crashed through loads, so was really pleased when she said how good he felt! 
I also had a lesson on my horse this week and my instructor asked if it was a different horse, she says she has never seen her so relaxed and working over her back so well!
Kerry Jamieson( Buckinghamshire)

Katharine McNamara

Katharine McNamara
I have not learnt so much and simultaneously enjoyed myself so hugely for as long as I can remember. The course, although intense, was utterly fascinating and absorbing. Any fears of being overwhelmed by all there was to learn were quickly allayed by Helen’s calm instruction, boundless patience and the ability to answer endless questions! The knowledge gained would be invaluable to anyone involved with horses whether pursuing an esmt career or not. I certainly consider it a week well spent whatever the future holds and one that I will look back on with the greatest of pleasure. Many, many thanks Helen.

Helen Coye

Loved every minute of the course and was really suprised how much I learnt. After feeling like drowning by the end of day two, everything fell into place so well it was amazing. Helen is a brilliant tutor, very encouraging and with such in depth knowledge and experience, she fills her students with confidence. I am so looking forard to my new career opportunity.

Helen Coye Bedfordshire

Angela Fletcher

Angela Fletcher
Just a little “thank you” for allowing me on your course! It was fantastic, the best I’ve done and I am grateful. ( And you should be pleased to be the first person to keep me awake during lectures- not easy)